Hummer—Pioneer of Small Wind Power
  Source:Anhui Hummer Dynamo Co., Ltd.
The first thing one would ever see at the entrance of the production base of Hummer Dynamo could be the long queue of the Hybrid Streetlamps along the road which leads to the heart of the base. Those small white wind turbines at the top of the lamp poles look almost like some delicate toys under the blue sky. Unlike those mega-watt wind turbines whose the diameter of the rotor blades may reach up to dozens of meters, these 400W wind turbines on the lamp poles which are the smallest watt turbines produced by Hummer, the diameter of the rotor blades is less than one meter. These small wind turbines produce limited electricity every hour, but however they are able to power self-sufficiently the ground lighting system for the whole base.
Since 2006, Hummer wind turbines have been exported to over 91 countries and areas in the world. Hummer has always been aspiring to the better designing and developing of the product and technology. The first Hummer product was exported to France six years ago. During these six years, Hummer has built its only production base and R&D center, has introduced over 70 machines and equipments, and most importantly Hummer has mastered the supercritical generator technology. This technology can greatly reduce the size and weights of the generator thus make the generator more efficient. In 2012, Hummer has built the second workshop in the production base which covers 4000 m2; the first provincial technology center for small wind turbine of Anhui is also established in Hummer.
Besides, Hummer’s production base is also known for its elegant environment and pleasing working condition. Because Hummer knows that the most valuable asset of an enterprise is the people. So Hummer has built the small garden, the basketball playground, the leisure center and the waterside canteen for its staff working in the production base. Every foreign customer is quite impressed by both the environmental hardware and technical software of Hummer production base.
Hummer, like its name, will be flapping its white wings of the small wind turbine and flying to a broader sky in the future.

(Hummer Dynamo has realized the self-sufficient lighting for the production base)


(The multi-functional exhibition room  for Hummer products)


(Aquatic canteen for the staff in Lujiang production base)


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