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Note: If you have any question regarding our products and services, please send us an email to sales@chinahummer.cn


** Application form download: ** 

1.To download Hummer authorized distributor and agent application, please click here:


2. To download Hummer wind turbine installation and technical support team application, please click here: 


** Hummer wind turbine specification on format PDF download: **

To download Hummer wind turbine brochure, please click on the links below:

1. Hummer 100kW : /userfiles/efndj/20150702063627947274oesl66.pdf

2. Hummer 60kW:  

3. Hummer 50kW : /userfiles/efndj/20150702062150759889vfinc3.pdf

4. Hummer 30kW : userfiles/efndj/20121210041129126792y4k8nv.pdf

5. Hummer 20kW : userfiles/efndj/20121210032948108273gujux4.pdf

6. Hummer 10kW : userfiles/efndj/20121210032948108273gujux4.pdf

7. Hummer 5kW : userfiles/efndj/20121210032948108273gujux4.pdf

8. Hummer 3kW : userfiles/efndj/20121210032948108273gujux4.pdf

9. Hummer 2000W : userfiles/efndj/20121210032837390663m2a80v.pdf

10. Hummer 1000W : userfiles/efndj/20121210032837390663m2a80v.pdf

11. Hummer 500W : userfiles/efndj/20121210032837390663m2a80v.pdf

12. Hummer 600W for Wind-Solar Hybrid Steeplamp : userfiles/efndj/20121210033202136903bgweku.JPG

13. Hummer 400W for Wind-Solar Hybrid Streetlamp : userfiles/efndj/20121210033202136903bgweku.JPG

14. Hummer Masts and Towers : userfiles/efndj/20121026035034320750nt5gd7.pdf