Wind-solar Hybrid Power-supply System

Wind-solar hybrid power-supply system is an independent off-grid power supply system which can supply electricity without being connected to public grid.
The electricity generated from wind generator and solar panels charges the batteries after being rectified and then supplies power to the load through inverter. When wind and solar energy are relative insufficient, they will cooperate to generate electricity to make up interrupted imbalance and instability of the power supply, thus to realize the goal of uninterruptible power supply.
In addition, the system is neither relying on public grid, nor restricted to region. It is quite energy-conserving and environment-friendly to guarantee the reliability of system power supply. Its system capacity can be configured according to users’ electrical load and resource conditions.

Applicable models: 500W-200kW.

Configuration: wind turbine, solar panel, controller, inverter and batteries.

Application fields: base station, microwave station, border post station, remote areas and island, etc.

1. The system is independent and easy in assembly. There is no need to lay long electric transmission lines.
2. Wind energy and solar power cooperate to ensure the stability of power supply.
3. Free of electric charge and low maintenance costs reduce the electric power cost effectively.
4. The utilization of renewable resources helps to save energy and protect environment, and achieve the state of pollution-free and radiation-free.