Wind-solar Hybrid System for Monitoring Center
Up till now, reliable power supply of online monitoring device is one of the main restraints applying in online monitoring system. Wind-solar hybrid power-supply system, as the most reasonable independent power supply, is fit for supplying reliable electricity for off-grid and low load equipments. Wind energy and solar power are inexhaustible and easy to obtain, so the application of wind-solar hybrid power-supply system in weather monitoring and relative projects not only efficiently solve the problem on acquiring reliable power supply, but also help to save electric charge.

Configuration: wind generator, solar panel, controller, inverter and batteries.

Application fields: weather monitoring, icing monitoring, tower tilt monitoring, conductor windage yaw monitoring, conductor aeolian vibration monitoring, conductor waving monitoring and video monitoring, etc.

1. Supply electricity to online monitoring system.
2. Making the utmost of the complementary of wind energy and solar power to guarantee reliable and stable power supply to online monitoring system.
3. Low assembly and maintenance costs reduce the electric cost but promote the economic benefits.
4. The utilization of renewable resources helps to save energy and protect environment, and achieve the state of pollution-free and radiation-free.
5. Systematized design and intellectualize control make sure the power-supply system operate normally in complicated weather conditions.