Wind-solar Hybrid System for Telecommunication Base Station
As the most reasonable removable power supply, wind-solar independent power system has been widely adopted in communication base stations.

Configuration: wind generator, solar panel, controller, inverter and batteries.

Application fields: telecommunication base station, navigation base station, power transmission station, satellite ground station and VSAT station, etc.

1. Wind and solar energies are mutual complementary to make sure reliable power supply.
2. The system is simple in whole structure, easy in assembly and there is no need to lay long electric transmission lines.
3. Low assembly and maintenance cost. The system can effectively reduce electric power cost but promote economic benefits.
4. The utilization of renewable resources helps to save energy and protect environment, and achieve the state of pollution-free and radiation-free.
5. As for different base stations, wind turbines and solar panels with different capacity can be configured optimally.