ROI of Wind Turbine
  Source:Anhui Hummer Dynamo Co.,Ltd


Wind trubine are one time investment, long term benefits renewable energy projects. The lifespan of Hummer wind turbine is 15 to 20 years, normally the investment cost can be returned within 3 years for somewhere the wind power is good.


Hummer wind turbines adopt unique SCF supercritical generator technology as core, combing with other patented technologies and refined materials, the generator efficiency of them is much higher, power generating cost is much lower than other normal technologies wind turbines.


For example, the annual production capacity for Hummer 1kW wind turbine is around 2500KWh under 6m/s average wind speed. Calculating on current USA civil electricity price basis (USD 0.5/KWh), 1kW wind turbine saves total US dollar 1750 per year, thus the investment can be returned within 1-2 years. Even calculating on France civil electricity price (the lowest among European Union) basis (0.12/KWh), the investment can be recovered within 3-4 years.


Many countries have good subsidy policies upon wind energy projects, the ROI of Wind Turbine are very impressive!