Hummer RTM Sealed Injection Moulding Blades Put into Use
Writer:Hummer Dynamo  Source:Anhui Hummer Dynamo Co.,Ltd



Blades are the key moving parts of the wind generating system, which directly influence the performances of the whole system. They are not only with great durability for long term use in the outdoor natural environment conditions, but also with reasonable prices.


Traditional composite materials wind generator blades adopt hand lay-up technology, which features with manual operation and open moduled. The quality of this kind of blades higly depends on the manual operation proficiency of the workers and the environment. The quality uniformity of the blades highly fluctuates, meanwhile, the ensurance of the dynamic and static balance is poor. Because of the uneven glue content, bad fiber resin infiltratation and incomplete solidification etc factors, the blades easily cause cracks, breakage and deformation etc problems.


RTM technology lay-down the reinforcing material preform which are designed according to the performance and structure demands inside the moulding chamber firstly, adopting injection equipment to inject the specified low viscosity injection resin into the sealed moulding chamber. The moudle has sealing, fixing, injecting and venting system, which can promise the resin flows smoothly and all the air inside the chamber is discharged. Moreover, the mould with heating system to achieve the heating curing step.


The blades which adopt RTM technology with great features as below:

Precision of the blades shape and dimension is high.

Surface of the blades is bright and clean.

Mechanical property is high

Moulding efficiency is high

Environmental pollution is small


Hummer introduced the advanced RTM technology and injection equipments, and the RTM sealed inspection blades have already been put into use!