Hummer 300KVA small scaled wind farm in Mauritania
Writer:Anhui Hummer Dynamo Co.,  Source:Anhui Hummer Dynamo Co.,Ltd



                                          Burgeoning Wind Power Market in West Africa


Mauritania is located in the northwest of Africa, west coast Atlantic. It belongs to tropical desert climate, which with high temperatures and little rains, the soil is dry and sandy, plants are scarce. It is one of the most abundant wind energy resources in the world, the annual average wind speed in the coastal area is 8m/s, thus it is very suitable to develop wind power projects there.


Our 300kVA wind diesel hybrid project in Mauritania was installed and commissioned on the end of 2013, we revised and upgraded the products according to the local natural climate characteristics and customer's feedbacks (Such as the sand erosion protection, adding power box etc). Moreover, professional engineers went there for site guidance and supports. The operation and maintenances cost for the products are highly reduced, meanwhile, the efficiency and stability of the system is improved.


Customers feedback the system is operation stably currently, this accumulates plenty of experiences for developing wind farm or projects in the similar climates.