“HUMMER” Technical Group Inspected in Italy
Writer:Anhui Hummer Dynamo Co.,  Source:Anhui Hummer Dynamo Co.,Ltd


"HUMMER" three-person technical group went to Italy to inspect the service conditions of Hummer wind generators during 15th, July, 2014 to 4th, Aug,  2014.


Our technical group guided the installation and operation on site for the two wind power roject of 50kW and 60kW on site; maintained the previously installed 20kW, 50kW and 60kW wind generator systems; learnt more about customers' demands; offered professional suggestions to project site selecting, system maintenances and configuration etc.


This Italy trip not only solved the customers' questions on site, but also reinforced our understanding to the detailed demands of Italy wind power market, which contributes to offering more applicative wind generator systems to customers. The technical group inspection works shall be normalized.