Wind power industry is recovering comprehensively
  Source:Anhui Hummer Dynamo Co.,Ltd

With government’s policy support and the increasing promotion strength, wind power industry is recovering comprehensively.Domestic wind power enterprises continue their great expectation on installed capacity of wind turbine. 

The latest "Global Wind Power Development Report" released by Global Wind Energy Council predicts that within the next five years, global wind power market will continue to maintain growth momentum, global new installed capacity will reach 53.5 million kilowatts again in 2015, and the total installed capacity will breakthrough 400 million kilowatts.

National Energy Board released the first quarter operation situation of the national on-grid wind power also showed that the new additional on-grid wind power capacity reached 4.7 million kilowatts. To the end of March, total on-grid capacity reached 101.07 million kilowatts, an increase of 25% of the total, which finished the goals of “12th five-year” plan in advance.