H24.5-200KW Wind turbine

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  1. Ultrasonic Dogvane & Anemometer 


 There is no mechanical moving parts, which with high accuracy and long lifespan. It can remove snow and frost automatically because of the electrical heating function. It can be used in cold and bad condition areas. All HUMMER pitch-controlled systems match with the ultrasonic dogvane & anemometer.



2. PLC control system


Hummer 5kw and larger models are matched with Siemens PLC system, which is with high disturbance resisting and stable operation. Hummer pitch-controlled system adopts double PLC systems, the two systems are on real-time communication, which means that, if any of the PLC system is broken down, the other one can stop the system safely, which can greatly protect the system. 



3. Siemens servo motors


 Hummer pitch-controlled models matches with three high-performance Siemens server motors:

(1) Yawing servo motor

(2) Hydraulic braking servo motor

(3) Pitch servo motor

Siemens PLC system greatly matches with Siemens servo motors, which make Hummer pitch-controlled models operate reliably. Because of the PID Self-turning functions of the Siemens  servo motors, the blades works rapidly and reliably.


4. Touch screen   


Hummer 5kw and larger models match with touch screen. There is internet access, which can remote monitoring the system and get the operation data. Especially when there is fault, users can contact Hummer technician, they can remote diagnosis and debug the fault, and can offer software updating function. 


 5. Rectifier and dumping controller & Dumping load

Wind turbine outputs unstable 3-phase alternating current power,it can be converted to DC power after the rectifying by the Silicon Controlled Rectifier(SCR),then supply to on-grid inverter,and send to power gird or charge the batteries to store.Under the strong wind speed status, the extra power above the rated power will be consumed by the dump load. Hummer matches the stainless steel dump load  with high temperature resistance,the heat will be emitted in naturally through the thermal efficiency of chimney,no cooling fan will be needed.

 6.  Specification



Configuration 3 pcs blades,horizontal axis,upwind
Rotor Diameter 25.0m
Blade Length 12.0m
Swept Area 490.87m2
Direction of Rotation Clockwise(facing blades)
Blade Material Fiberglass reinforced composite
Rated Power 200KW,12m/s
Direct Voltage 600V,DC
Direct Current 202.6A,DC
Start-up Wind Speed 3m/s
Rated Rotating Rate 40r/min
Working Wind Speed 3-25m/s
Survival Wind Speed 60m/s
Alternator Permanent  magent alternator,SCF technology
Energy Monitoring & User control

Siemens touch screen,Siemens PLC controller, Internet telecom & remote monitoring

Gearbox None,Direct drive generator design
Pitch Control System Siemens servo motor drive 3 pcs blades
Yawing System Siemens servo motor drive to yaw
Hydraulic Braking System  Siemens servo motor drive braking cylinder
Dogvane/Anemometer Ultrasonic,with electrical heating function
Over Speed Protection Pitch Control
Shutting Down Method  Blades feathering 90° degree,hydraulic braking rotor blade


7. Output Power Curve:     




1. Q: Are you factory or trading company?

A: Factory. Anhui Hummer Dynamo Co., Ltd. is a famous high and new tech enterprise which is specialized in R&D and the production of wind turbines. With 11 million RMB registered capital, the company covers an area of 7.5 acres, a cradle for independent research, development, production and sales.


 2. Q: What are your advantages?

  A: Hummer has its own scientific research team which is composed of experts who have got special government allowance support. With SCF generator supercritical technology as the core, we have developed Hummer wind turbines, and got 16 patents. We adopt Siemens PLC and touch screen for Hummer control system, as well as SKF bearings for high quality Hummer wind turbines.

3. Q: Do you have any certificates?

 A: Hummer wind turbine system follows the ISO9001 quality management, and has passed CE certificate.


 4. Q: How many types of the wind turbines do we have?

A: Currently Hummer offers minimum 400W up to 200kW wind turbine in off-grid and on-grid systems, of which 400W and 600W are originally designed for wind-solar hybrid LED street light system, 500W to 10kW are used for small home, 20kW to 200kW are for commercial and industrial like wind farm, etc.


5. Q: What type of warranty comes with a Hummer wind turbine?

A: All Hummer wind turbine come with a standard 2 Year Limited Warranty for generator system and all other parts 1 Year Limited Warranty.


6. Q: Can I only buy parts not whole system?

A: YES, for example you can manufacture tower in local, we can supply you tower drawing.


7. Q: What shall we do if there are some problems that clients can’t deal with?

A: Our 30kw/40kw/50kw/60kw/100kw/200kw wind turbines have PLC controller, which can remote monitor to solve the problems.


8. Q: What type of generator does Hummer manufacture?

A: All Hummer wind generators are three-phase, permanent-magnetic alternators with slip-ring.