H3.8-2KW Wind Turbine

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 Hummer 2kW wind turbine can be off-grid and on-grid system, the generator is direct-drive permanent magnet 3-phase generator. It looks for wind rely on tail rod. 


Specification of H3.8-2kW: 

Configuration 3Blades,Horizontal axis,Upwind
Rotor Diameter 3.8m
Blade Length 1.835m
Swept Area 11.34m2
Direction of Rotation Clockwise(facing blades)
Blade Material Fiberglass reinforced composite
Rated Power 2kW @ 9m/s
Direct Voltage 120V,DC
Direct Current 10.2A,DC
Start-up Wind Speed 3m/s
Rated Rotating Rate 450r/min
Working Wind Speed 3-25m/s
Survival Wind Speed 50m/s
Alternator Permanent  magent alternator,SCF technology
Wind Energy Utilizing Ratio
0.45 Cp
Gearbox None,Direct drive generator design
Energy monitoring & User control
LED display
Generator Efficiency
Alternator Weight
Dogvane/Anemometer None
Over Speed Protection
Auto Yawing(Aerodynamics)
Shutting Down Method 
Manual & Automatic electromagnetism Braking       

2kW Output  Power Curve: