H1.25-400W Wind-Solar Hybrid Street Light System

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H1.25-400W Wind-Solar Hybrid Street Light System



Operating Principle:

The solar panel receives the solar energy and the wind turbine receives the wind energy. The electricity produced by wind energy and solar energy charges the batteries at the bottom of tower through the micro-computer controller. Wind energy and solar energy are transferred as electric power to be stored in the batteries. After sundown, the controller is on automatically and supplies the electric power stored in the batteries to the LED lamp. The switching on and off of the LED lamp are also done automatically by the controller.
Solar panels, Hummer 400W wind turbine, battery bank, lamp pole, controller and LED lamp.
1. Energy saving and emission reduction: Hummer wind-solar hybrid street light neither consumes conventional energies nor releases carbon dioxide. It is extremely environmental friendly.
2. Economizing and environmental protection: Hummer wind-solar hybrid street light uses clean energy sources, which produce no pollution or radiation.
3. Stable system: Hummer wind-solar hybrid street light system works independently, so it is not subject to massive blackout.
4. Strong adaptability: No bound by seasons and weather, Hummer wind-solar hybrid street light can achieve the uninterruptible power supply all the year round.
5. Long service life: The working lifespan of Hummer wind-solar hybrid street light system reaches up to over 15 years.
Hummer wind-solar hybrid street light system can be widely applied to Suburban Roads, Factory Illumination, Landscape Road, Park, Living Community, Parking lot, Plaza, Tourist area, Remote Roads and highway, etc.



Rated power 400W
Maximum output power 470W
Battery bank voltage 12V,DC
System output voltage 12V,DC
Start-up wind speed 2.5m/s
Rated wind speed 11m/s
Working wind speed 3-25m/s
Survival wind speed 50m/s
Generator efficiency >0.8
Wind energy utilizing 0.4Cp
Generator type Permanent Magent Alternator 
Generator weight 5.5kg
Blade material GRP/3
Blade diameter 1.25
Speed regulation method Yawing + Electromagentism Braking
Shutting down method Manual + Automatic


Output Power Curve: