Wind-solar Hybrid Street Light System
Wind-solar hybrid street light system makes the best of wind energy and solar power to supply electricity. There is no need to connect with public grid. In the daytime, solar panels receive solar power and wind turbine receives wind energy. Then the electricity from them charges batteries through street light controller. In the evening, wind turbine and batteries supply power to the street lights. With green energies, the system doesn’t consume the conventional energy. In addition, its intelligent street light switch controller doesn’t require any human operation. Therefore, this system enjoys great popularity and attention.

Applicable models: 400W, 600W.

Application fields: residence community, park, landscape, highway and walkway illumination, etc.

1. The advantages of autonomous system, easy in assembly as well as stable and reliable in work make the system lay no long electric transmission lines.
2. Free of electric charge, one-time investment, low maintenance costs but long-term benefits.
3. The utilization of renewable resources and the mutual implementation of wind and solar energy help to save energy and protect environment
4. With beautiful and distinctive appearance as well as modern and fashion style, the system can be the landmark construction of a city.
Basic equipments: