Introduction for Hummer pitch-controlled system


Hummer pitch-controlled system models: H13.2-20KW, H13.2-30KW, H16.5-50KW, H21.0-60KW/H25.0-60KW, H21.0-100KW/H25.0-100KW, and H25.0-200KW wind turbine. Hummer pitch-controlled systems adopt direct drive permanent magnet generator, Hummer wind generator is outer rotor structure, which means the permanent magnets are located on the outer rotor. The stator winding and the permanent magnets are completely isolated from the external environment to form a closed space,ensure the generator avoid erosion by wet,sandy condition as well as salt fog.   

The stator winding of Hummer windmill generator adopts water-cooling structure to make sure the generator continue to work under full power, and the temperature does not exceed 40°C, which greatly improve the insulation life of wind generator and promote the long-running reliability of generator. The generator using Hummer core patented technology, with less copper, low noise, smooth operation, the efficiency is improved above 5% more than the traditional generator.

Braking System
Hummer braking system is driven Siemens servo motor, the yaw braking enables to make the setting pressure reduce quickly to zero MPa within 0.2 second, also it can make the pressure from zero MPa increase the setting pressure in 2 seconds.Rotor blade braking can also come out flexible brake according to the programming control.For example, when the pressure from 0PMa rapidly rises to 1.5 MPa, and then slowly rises to the setting pressure. Braking system is both quick and programming control as required.


Yawing and Pitch control System

Hummer yawing system adopts sealed gearbox and dual yaw brake calipers composite structure, the gearbox is filled with MoS2 grease, no outflow pollution. How does the yawing system work on?The brake calipers are released rapidly, then the Siemens servo motor drives the bigger gear in gearbox to achieve the nacelle yaw.After the nacelle moves to the specified location, the pressure for double calipers will rise to the setting pressure immediately in 2 seconds. Pitch control system is also a sealed structure, it doesn’t need lubricating oil without any pollution.
Hummer pitch system adopts our core patented technology, together with Siemens servo motor drives Hummer patented pitch control mechanism with high and reliable efficient rotation, less maintenance cost.


Company’s Belief
Innovation and professional skill meet our tireless pursuit, never follows the trend and the crowd, every key part reflects Hummer’s innovation and characteristic,never pursues the fancy surface on Hummer’s wind turbine generator, yawing system, pitch system, braking system.

Concision, efficiency, durability is Hummer’s unchangeable goal.